How can you follow up on Passport renewal process ? – Detailed Guide

How can you follow up on Passport renewal process ? – Detailed Guide

As a citizen of a country, government issues us many certificate to make our lives easier. Passport is a official document given to a person to positively travel from one country to another. It also hold importance in scenarios like residence proof, marriage certificate, and many more. A passport is an official identity given to a person for a peaceful travel.

 You must be knowing this a Passport in India is also valuable till 10 years. After that, it expires and one needs to renew it. Now, what exactly Passport renew means?

How can you follow up on Passport renewal process ? – Detailed Guide
How can you follow up on Passport renewal process ? – Detailed Guide

Passport renewal is an official process that occurs when the Passport of an applicant is more than 10 years old. Then, they can’t make use of this prior document. They have to get their Passport renewed for the travels and other works to continue. 

So, if your passport is expired, get it renewed now to avoid any trouble. In the next section we will be detailing both Online and Offline process to renew a Passport document. Therefore, keep reading.

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What is the Best way to get my Passport renewed ?

The process of renewing a Passport document is easy and simple. Moreover, it is all transparent if you get it done by the officials. Please note that there are many fake agency and other institutions that high charges for the process and also can misuse your documents. So, apply for Passport renewal to a government authorizes website and intuitions.

Now, let’s understand the two different modes to apply for Passport document renewal.

  1. Online Process 

Visit  official website.

Then enter the credentials if you have already registered id. Otherwise you can create a new one.

You need to clickApply for Fresh Passport or Re-issue Passport link.

Enter all the required details in the form and submit. 

Now, Tap on Pay and Schedule Appointment link on the View Saved or Submitted Applications screen and schedule an appointment.

  1. Offline Process

Download Passport renewal  form from an authorized site.


Then, fill all the details also attach all the documents required. Please make sure all the information provided are reliable.

Now, visit nearby at DPCs, SPCs and CSCs center to apply the form and respective document.

Next, wait for final call. This process may take some time depending on the applicant requirements.

How to check my Passport renew process online and offline ?

If you have applied for the document online, then please click on verification link and check the updated status. One can also contact the government agency in case of the status is not shown. I case you have applied for Passport renewal offline, you need to visit the center to know about the status. You can also do one thing take a contact number of any member of the staff and know about the status in one or two days.

This way one can apply for a Passport renewal  document renewal and also check the status respectively. Hope you find the guide useful.


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