What are the Documents Needed for Application ?

What are the Documents Needed for Application ?

Birth certificate is an essential document that pays a key role in determining the date and birth of one’s child. It comprises of vital information about your parent’s, their nationality.

For all the individuals who put up in urban areas, the authority to give birth certificate is Municipal Corporations or Councils. On the other hand, the people who lives in villages or rural areas, can get these from Gram panchayat office.

What are the Documents Needed for Application ?
What are the Documents Needed for Application ?

1. Birth proof in hospital

2. Parents’ birth certificate

3. Address proof : A self-attested copy of any of the below given documents

 (a) Voter ID Card

(b) Passport 

(c) Ration card

(d) Aadhaar card

(e) Electricity/ Water/ Gas/ Telephone bill

(f) Current back account

How to Get Birth Certificate in India ? – Offline Process

  • One can get a new birth certificate in India by the detailed method as given below:
  • If the child is born in an hospital, then you will get a discharge letter from the medical in-charge.
  • Then, locate the nearby Municipal corporation or Panchayat and thereafter, submit documents to get a new birth certificate.
  • Now, fill all the forms within a span of 21 days of birth. If the filling of forms gets delayed, a police verification is conducted.
  • After this, the Municipal Corporation will verify all the details and everything comes out right then the birth certificate is issued and is delivered to your address within 7-15 days.
  • If in any case, the event of birth is not registered within 21 days, then a person can report the same anytime under the Delayed Registration provisions. Also, then you have to pay a prescribed late fee.

Obtain your Birth Certificate by Online Process

  1. For this, the new birth has to be reported immediately through a website within the span of 21 days.
  2. Then, print that application and send it to the concerned Registrar BY HAND ( not over post) at the provided address. This address will be shown at the bottom of the application. Also, carry the vital documents.
  3. Now, you will get a confirmation mail on the registered Email ID.
  4. The users will be informed about their application status through their Email ID immediately after the receipt of the application.
  5. In order to check the status of application, enter the Application Reference No. on the website.
  6. After the entire process is completed, the required birth certificate will be delivered at the email address which you have provided.

Summing Up

So now, if you are and adult but don’t have birth certificate, then go to the Municipal Corporation r Panchayat of the place where you were born. Since every single hospital in India is instructed to send a birth record to the municipal body whenever a baby is born. Hence, you can easily get the aspired new birth certificate from the authorities at a nominal fee. Moreover, these birth certificate play a key role to be used as a proof for future references.

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