Apply for Senior Citizen Card – Quick Guide

Apply for Senior Citizen Card – Quick Guide

With the advancing medical technology and improved lifestyle of people in India, the golden years of the old age are now experienced by a majority of the Indian population. After years of working hard and raising families, it’s time for you to relax and spend time with your families. 

No one can ignore the aging factor. It is the part and parcel of one’s lifetime. To overcome the deteriorating health and to keep themselves involved with the world, the Department of Social Welfare offers many welfare programs and benefits that help the seniority people to avail and enjoy their golden phase of life with great ease. Senior Citizens card is one of the schemes that this department offers among many other benefits.

Apply for Senior Citizen Card – Quick Guide
Apply for Senior Citizen Card – Quick Guide

What is a Senior Citizen ID Card?

The Indian Government provides various facilities to its citizens. Senior Citizen ID card is the identity card that provides the recognition of being a senior citizens of India (aged above 60 years) to avail various benefits like financial help, concessions, and many other facilities provided by the various institutions.


Thus, people above 60 years and residing with their spouse or single are eligible for this senior citizen card.

What are the benefits of Senior Citizen Card:

There are numerous benefits that the senior people can enjoy with the help of this card. Some of the benefits are:-

  • Tax Benefits – According to the Income Tax Department, people within the age bracket of 60-80 years are considered as Senior Citizens and above 80 years as Super Senior Citizens. Thus, they can opt for tax deduction under Section 80(D) of Income Tax Act,1961. Also, Tax slabs for these people is different in comparison to young citizen. For senior citizens whose income is up to Rs. 3 Lakh are exempted from paying taxes, earning income between Rs.3-6 Lakhs is under 10% tax slab, earning between Rs.5-10 Lakhs is under 20% tax slab and above Rs.10 Lakh income is taxed at 30%.
  • Low Priced Tickets- Senior Citizens can enjoy affordable prices on travel fares. Various domestic airlines like Air India, Jet Airways, etc. offer a 50% discount on economy class air travel. Similarly, Indian Railways also offers various discounts while booking. Both male and female passengers get a discount of 40% and 50% respectively but the same benefit is not availed while booking Tatkal tickets.   
  • Ease in handling bank accounts – Almost all the banks help their senior citizens to handle their bank accounts efficiently. Senior Citizens have a separate queue for making their banking transactions comfortably. Many banks organize the senior citizen day at their respective branches to make them feel connected. Also, they are earning higher interest on their investments. They require senior citizen card as an identity proof.
  • Cheaper Bills – Senior citizens can avail of subsidized bills. BSNL helps the senior citizen by waiving off their registration charges and a 25% discount is provided by MTNL on installing the network. They are getting subsidized gas and electricity bills.
  • The concession at Hospitals – At this age, health deteriorates and it’s natural. The Indian Government has also provided various medical facilities for senior citizens card by having a separate queue for checkups and billing. Also, many health insurance helps them to get a reduced bill at their panel hospitals.

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