TAENIA SOLIUM is hermaphrodite hence both male and female reproductive organ present in the same body and same part.

Mature proglottid of its body has a complete set of male and female reproductive organs.

It is protandrous means male organ develop before female organs.


These consist Testis,Vasa Efferentia,Vasa deferens,cirrus,cirrus sac.

  • TESTIS- These are about 2 hundred spherical body scattered in major part of proglottid to words dorsal side in parenchyma.
  • VASA EFFERENTIA- From each testis very small tube aries called vasa efferentia unite to form a common sperm duct.
  • VASA DEFERENS- The common sperm duct open in a convoluted duct called vasa deferens.its position is right-side of lateral margin.
  • CIRRUS- Vas deferens open into thick muscular eversible organ cirrus.
  • CIRRUS SAC- Cirrus is surrounded by Cirrus Sac which contain male Genital pore. Male genetical pore present in Cup Genital organs. Genital atrium opens by common gonopore present on a swollen Genital papilla.Genital papilla present of middle of lateral margin of proglottid.
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Female reproductive organ consist ovary oviduct ootype,vergina,uterus,vitelline gland,mehlis gland.

  • OVARY- It is bilobed structure present ventrally in the posterior of the proglottid.Both the lobes are connected by Isthmus.Each lobe is made up of many follicles which are radially arranged.
  • OVIDUCT- It is a short tube aries from middle of Isthmus.
  • OOTYPE- It is small spherical bulb like structure present at the function of oviduct,uterus and vitelline gland.
  • VAGINA- It is a narrow tubular structure that arises from seminal receptacle in oblique position.
  • UTERUS- It is blind sac like structure or Club shaped aries from ootype and extends towards the anterior side of proglotide.After fertilization it is filled with fertilized eggs now it become highly branched.
  • VITELLINE GLAND- It is single large lobed gland present at the posterior margin of proglotide and open into ootype by small duct.
  • MEHLIS GLAND- These are unicellular gland surrounded the ootype.


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