TAENIA SOLIUM is digenetic parasite are complete in Life cycle in two different host, in primary host is man and secondary host is pig.


Reproductive Organ:

It is bisexual hence both male and female reproductive organ present in same mature proglatide testis are many in number while ovary single bilobed.testis develop first then ovary.


Generally self fertilization occurs in which penis (Cirrus) of one proglide or between different proglide. Sperms are stored in “Seminal Receptacle”


When eggs comes in the oviduct then Sperms fertilized these eggs in the oviduct.

Formation of egg capsules:

After fertilization fertilised eggs comes in ootype where these eggs gets surrounded by Yolk.Which is secreted by Vitelline Gland.The eggs gets surrounded by yolk are known as egg capsules. which are passed one by one in to uterus,this passing is helped by secretion of MEHLIS GLAND.

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  • CLEAVAGE – First cleavage of zygote is unequal which form a large megamere and small embryonic cells.
  • MORULA – This embryonic Cell divided in larger mesomere and smaller micromere ,such 3 cell stage is morula stage. In which mesomere from an outside layer. Micromerus in center and megamere out sided the mesomeres. Megameres fused to form outer embryonic membrane and mesomere forms inner embryonic membrane.
  • FORMATION OF ONCOSPHERE – The cell of outermost layer become oncosphere which form to oncosphere membrane and embryo develops 6 hooks anti posterior side .This 6 hooked embryo covered by membrane is called Oncosphere.


Transmission In Pig:

Gravid proglottid detach from body and comes in faces of man when pigs eats such faces then Oncosphere reaches in alimentary canal of pig.The covering of larva dissolve due to digestive enzymes and it free in stomach.This 6 hooked free larva is Hexacanth.

Migration With In Secondary Host

Hexacanth larva penetrate wall of intestine and interns in blood circulation. Throw blood it pass from heart ,liver and finally settle in Striated Muscular Neck and Lymph.

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Formation Of Cysticercus Or Bladderwarm:

After reaching in nucleus it loses their hooks and increase inside it observe watery fluid from blood and become bladder like sac, known as Bladder Warm Or Cysticercus.

Growth In Cysticercus Larva:

The wall of bladder contains outer cuticle and inner mesenchyme . The wall of anterior inner thick and invaginates in the form of knob which developed 4 suckers , rostellum and hooks, this is called Proscolex. It’s further development possible in primary host.

Infection To Primary Host:

When man eats undercooked Pig meat then Bladder Worm reached to intestine where proscolex vaginate and it’s neck like region shows division forming proglide thus in 10 to 20 weeks in mature Tapeworm.

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