Download UPSC IAS Previous Year Papers [2021]

UPSC Previous Examination paper: Self-preparation through online mode 

Due to current pandemic of COVID-19, education industry is also facing issues as there are no classes is going in school, coaching centers, universities and institutes.

Only through online everyone is connected with each other. Same way this time, IAS aspirants are also faced problems and impacted their preparation. They online have online access for their preparation and previous years’ questions paper will surely help them out for UPSC IAS examination.

Only few months are left for the examination and this is the time for check themselves and their preparation by solving last year question papers online and then they can evaluate themselves and make further exam strategy.

IAS applicants required correct approach and lot of hard work and their focus towards the civil examination to beat the exam specially during this pandemic as it have already hampered much situations.

The only hard work, self-preparation and determination can show their results and for this they must aware of what kind of pattern of the examination will be for both UPSC IAS Preliminary and Mains examinations.

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Previous year question paper will definitely help them and candidate will get all the important information and pattern of the examination. The examination is held in both Hindi and English languages. UPSC IAS examination is accompanied in three phases:

Phase 1– Preliminary examination of Civil services which is comprises of Objective type questions

Phase 2-Main examination of Civil services which is comprises of Descriptive type questions

Phase 3– Personal Interview to check personality test

UPSC Prelims Exam of phase 1 is comprised of two sections that is:

  • GS (General studies)
  • CSAT (Civil services aptitude test)

UPSC Main Exam of phase 2 is comprised of descriptive questions where aspirants have to choose two subjects of their choice out of nine subjects and then personal interview of phase 3 will take place.

Now for the examination preparation, aspirants must visit last years of previous years’ questions papers of preliminary examination for civil services and evaluate themselves by clicking on the link below:

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2019GSPreliminary examination of UPSC with answer key
2018GSPreliminary examination of UPSC with answer key
2017GSPreliminary examination of UPSC IAS with answer key
2016GSPreliminary examination of UPSC IAS with answer key
2015GSPreliminary examination of UPSC IAS with answer key
2014GSPreliminary examination of UPSC IAS with answer key

 Literature Subjects –  Below are the links for the Previous Year Question paper of all Literature subjects

YearSubjectMain Examination
2019Assamese Literature -1Assamese Literature Paper – I
2019Assamese Literature -2Assamese Literature Paper – II
2019Bengali Literature-1Bengali Literature Paper – I
2019Bengali Literature-2Bengali Literature Paper – II
2019English Literature-1English Literature Paper – I
2019English Literature-2English Literature Paper – II
2019Gujarati Literature -1Gujarati Literature Paper – I
2019Gujarati Literature -2 Gujarati Literature Paper – II
2019Hindi Literature-1Hindi Literature Paper – I
2019Hindi Literature-2Hindi Literature Paper – II
2019Kannada Literature -1 Kannada Literature Paper – I
2019Kannada Literature -2Kannada Literature Paper – II
2019Maithili Literature -1 Maithili Literature Paper – I
2019Maithili Literature -2  Maithili Literature Paper – II
2019Malayalam Literature-1 Malayalam Literature Paper – I
2019Malayalam Literature-2 Malayalam Literature Paper – II
2019Manipuri Literature -1 Manipuri Literature Paper – I
2019Manipuri Literature -2 Manipuri Literature Paper – II
2019Marathi Literature-1Marathi Literature Paper – I
2019Marathi Literature-2  Marathi Literature Paper – II
2019Oriya Literature-1 Oriya Literature Paper – I
2019Oriya Literature-2 Oriya Literature Paper – II 
2019Punjabi Literature-1 Punjabi Literature Paper – I 
2019Punjabi Literature-2 Punjabi Literature Paper – II 
2019Sanskrit Literature-1 Sanskrit Literature Paper – I 
2019Sanskrit Literature -2  Sanskrit Literature Paper – II 
2019Sindhi (Devanagari)-1 Sindhi (Devanagari) Literature Paper – I 
2019Sindhi (Devanagari)-2  Sindhi (Devanagari) Literature Paper – II 
2019Tamil Literature-1 Tamil Literature Paper – I 
2019Tamil Literature -2 Tamil Literature Paper – II 
2019Telugu Literature-1 Telugu Literature Paper – I 
2019Telugu Literature -2Telugu Literature Paper – II 
2019Urdu Literature-1 Urdu Literature Paper – I 
2019Urdu Literature -2  Urdu Literature Paper – II

Optional Subjects – Below are the links for the Previous Year Question paper of all Optional subjects

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YearSubjectMain Examination
2019Agriculture -1Agriculture Paper – I
2019Agriculture -2 Agriculture Paper – II
2019Animal Husbandry and Vet Science-1Animal Husbandry and Vet. Science Paper – I
2019Animal Husbandry and Vet Science-2Animal Husbandry and Vet. Science Paper – II
2019Anthropology -1 Anthropology Paper – I
2019Anthropology -2 Anthropology Paper – II
2019Botany -1 Botany Paper – I
2019Botany-2  Botany Paper – II
2019Chemistry-1Chemistry Paper – I
2019Chemistry-2 Chemistry Paper – II
2019Civil Engineering-1Civil Engineering Paper – I
2019Civil Engineering-1Civil Engineering Paper – II
2019Commerce and Accountancy-1 Commerce and Accountancy Paper – I
2019Commerce and Accountancy-2 Commerce and Accountancy Paper – II
2019Economics-1 Economics Paper – I
2019Economics-2 Economics Paper – II
2019Electrical Engineering-1 Electrical Engineering Paper – I
2019Electrical Engineering-2 Electrical Engineering Paper – II
2019Geography-1 Geography Paper – I
2019Geography-2 Geography Paper – II
2019Geology-2 Geology Paper – I
2019Geology-2Geology Paper – II
2019History-1 History Paper – I
2019History-2 History Paper – II
2019Law-1 Law Paper – I
2019Law-2Law Paper – II
2019Management-1Management Paper – I
2019Management-2Management Paper – II
2019Mathematics-1Mathematics Paper – I
2019Mathematics-2Mathematics Paper – II
2019Mechanical Engineering-1Mechanical Engineering Paper – I
2019Medical Science-1 Medical Science Paper – I
2019Medical Science-2 Medical Science Paper – II
2019Philosophy-1 Philosophy Paper – I
2019Physics-1Physics Paper – I
2019Physics-2Physics Paper – II
2019Political Science and International Relations-1 Political Science and International Relations Paper – I
2019Political Science and International Relations-2 Political Science and International Relations Paper – II
2019Psychology-1Psychology Paper – I
2019Psychology-2Psychology Paper – II
2019Public Administration-1Public Administration Paper – I
2019Public Administration-2Public Administration Paper – II
2019Sociology-1Sociology Paper – I
2019Sociology-2 Sociology Paper – II
2019Statistics-1Statistics Paper – I
2019Statistics-2 Statistics Paper – II
2019Zoology-1 Zoology Paper – I
2019Zoology-2Zoology Paper – II


UPSC IAS examination is scheduled for October 2020, time is less for the aspirants and they have to start solving previous questions paper. 

Apart from above mention question paper links the students must visit UPSC official website of previous year question paper that is to check all the compulsory subjects question paper of UPSC IAS mains examination as well as they can also go through optional subject questions paper. 

Solving previous questions paper will help the aspirants and they will get the awareness about the examination pattern and what kinds of question they ask for like multiple choice, statements, descriptive or matching the answers. 

With the above link, every aspirant gets the correct and genuine questions paper of UPSC IAS examination of both preliminary and mains examinations along with optional and literature subjects. 

UPSC IAS examination required seriousness, dedication and hard work to clear the examination and most important self-confidence which will drive through the preparation journey.

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