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People do not usually understand the National Curriculum Framework 2005. Today in NCF 2005 in English, I will tell you about ncf 2005 in easy language.

In short let’s talk about NCF 2005, what is ncf 2005? What is said in this? So the answer would be that In this, it has been said to make education child-centric, get rid of the rote system, improve the examination and eliminate discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, religion etc.

Let us now we briefly discuss some of its main points. You will understand very well what NCF 2005 is after all and what it wants from us.The same thing as stated in NCF 2005 also applies in CTET Pedagogy.

NCF 2005

NCF 2005 | Path showing principle

I can tell you about NCF 2005 in detail, but it is very broad, but it contains some main points which are important to understand for whole NCF.

If You wanna understand Ncf 2005 in deep then you have to understand the essay of Sir Rabindranath Tagore.

● Connect the knowledge with outside world.

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● Ensure that the study is free from rote learning.

● Making Curriculum more Flexible , by which it could not be only Book centered.

● Making Examination more flexible and add it to some extra class activities.

● Making Democratic People.

According to NCF 2005 ‘Education goals’

According to NCF 2005 in English, the goals of education can be understood from these 9 points.

1- According to NCF 2005, the goal of education is to connect the child to external experiences. For this, the child should be listened to carefully. He should be given a chance to speak. He should also feel that the teacher is listening to him.

2- According to NCF 2005, the second major goal of education is enlightenment. It means finding oneself. Knowing your truth. For this, opportunities of different kinds of experiences should be given.

3- You are reading NCF 2005 for ctet exam. Its third goal is to discuss the issue of both feasibility and means to be correct. It is said that value education should not be given separately.

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4- Fourth among the important points in NCF 2005 is that cultural diversity should be respected. And a sense of respect for other methods should also be developed.

5- NCF 2005 talks about recognizing the importance of individual difference. In this, it has been said that every child has some quality. He should be given a chance to develop like singing, dancing, art, literature, stories telling, nature loving etc.

6- NCF 2005 [in English for CTET] considers literature and artistic creativity as part of the cognitive undertaking of humans, along with objective method of knowledge. It is talking about giving importance to the aspect of emotions along with logic.

7- According to NCF 2005, “Education should be seen as a Liberating Process, otherwise whatever has been said so far will be meaningless.” The process of Eduaction has to be free from all forms of exploitation and injustice, poverty, gender discrimination, caste and communal leanings which deprive our children of this process. ”

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8- One of the important points of NCF 2005 Is to create a good reading environment in school and develop quality like leadership in the child.

9- Ncf 2005 for ctet exam, develops feeling of pride in your country and makes every child feel connected to the country.

Final words about NCF (National Curriculum Framework) 2005 in hindi

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