Types of Curriculum [Best Explanation]

Here I am Going to tell you the Types of Curriculum. Because I have already told about Curriculum and Syllabus and Difference Between them. So Here I’ll tell you Types of Curriculum.

Types of Curriculum

Types of Curriculum

There are various types of curriculum that can be developed :


It is also called content centered curriculum. This curriculum gives maximum importance to content and teaching idea. It follows a Herbaria approach which gives emphasis on the presentation of content in classroom teaching.

This type of curriculum does not take into account individual differences, not psychological in nature. This does not agree with developing democratic values of freedom, equality.

This is examination oriented, simple to follow and comfortable for teachers. It can be easily revised and modified and follows age-old traditional methods.


It is also called child centered curriculum. Here the curriculum is developed and arranged as per interest, level, abilities, needs, etc. of the child.

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It follows the psychological approach and takes into account growth and development of the child. It follows philosophical naturalism where child learns by doing and experiencing. It is more activity based.


Here we arrange various activities in order to teach content in a sequence to achieve the desired objectives. Here we follow the principle of using the 3H i.e. head, heart and hand.

In this type of curriculum, proper organization and integration of content with various learning experience has to be done. We have to take into account various resources available, maturity level of students, etc.


It is based on Bloom’s evaluation approach. Education is a tripolar process where the objectives are given maximum importance. Objectives are written in behavioural terms and are used as yardstick against which the evaluation is done and performance is measured.


Different subjects of school are taught in correlation with each other. They are not taught in isolation or as water tight and pieces. Here, the content of the subjects have to be organized in consultation with each other and should have some level of student comprehension.

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6-CORE CURRICULUM : (Types of Curriculum)

This type of curriculum is broadly divided into two types of course. One is the core subject and the other is optional. The core subject is compulsory for all whereas students choose few subjects as per their likes against the optional subjects.

The core subjects are related to social needs. They help in meeting main aims of education, i.e. to enable the children to become good citizens and to help in their all-round development.


Here maximum importance is given to learners own experience. It follows a pragmatic approach, where learning by doing is the method of teaching. It encourages creative aspects and allows the learner to learn at his own pace. It makes learning more meaningful, connects it to real life and makes learning more permanent.

8- INTEGRATED CURRICULUM : (Types of Curriculum)

In this type there is integration at different levels i.e. different subjects, classroom with real life. There is horizontal integration to meet the needs of different students and vertical integration i.e. common purpose of education should be served.

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Types of Curriculum

So These were the types of Curriculum. I hope you liked it.

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