What is the CAA,CAB Full Form? Details

Now Everyone Want to know that CAA, CAB Full Form. Some days ago only few people know these terms. But After lot’s of Protests and Becoming Act, People are searching the full Form of CAB and CAA.

I want to tell you that CAB is not OLA or UBER CAB. It’s a bill which are passed in Rajyasabha after Passing in Loksabha. And After Passing Both, It’s became ACT. So Now I’m Going to tell You What is CAB and CAA and What is the Full form of CAB or CAA.

What is the CAA, CAB Full Form?
CAA, CAB Full Form

CAB Full Form – What Is CAB?

CAB is a Bill Which Full Form is Citizenship Amendment Bill. According to CAB, People who are not Indian specially Minorities of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh which are Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Parsi can get India’s Citizenship.

CAA Full Form – What is CAA?

CAA Full Form is Citizenship Amendment Bill. When CAB is Passed in Rajyasabha and Loksabha it became Act. And Called Citizenship Amendment Act.

Many People Opposed this CAB and CAA and are telling it’s not safe for us. Many People are seeing CAA and CAB from the religious point of view because one of the Popular Religions Muslim is not mentioned in this Bill/Act.

What Indian Government is saying about this CAA and CAB?

Indian Government is Saying That CAA is Good for us and those Minorities who are not treated well in Muslims Majority Countries. And who are not being got citizenship of India before 31 Dec 2014.

Lot’s of People are Supporting this step of Government but many are not.

Summary Of CAA, CAB Full Form

  • Full Form of CAA – Citizenship Amendment Act
  • Full Form of CAB – Citizenship Amendment Bill

Watch this video about Full Form OF CAB, CAA

Citizenship Ammendment Bill By Hindi Meri Jaan

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