Ph.D. Courses in India | Duration, Eligibility Criteria, Admission Process, Curriculum, Job Prospects

Choose The Best PhD Courses in India And Be The First To Apply: Every coming year, a number of post-graduation students applies for PhD admissions all around the world.

PhD is a doctorate degree called Doctor of Philosophy wherein people work for developing new research based on the thesis they prepare. In this advanced era, students applying for higher education are increasing and so is the scope of PhD in India.

Ph.D. Courses in India | Duration, Eligibility Criteria, Admission Process, Curriculum, Job Prospects

A student who has granted admissions in PhD can avail various research programs that will help in creating change in fields like Science, Computer science, Commerce, Cosmetology, Economics, Management, etc. Students can apply for a PhD in one more stream depending on his/her post-graduation program. 

There is no easy way to get PhD in India. One has to have a great area of commitment. Students should be confident enough to deliver presentations on the thesis they prepared and to share views about their research work. There is viva-voce, which is held for students to defend their thesis in front of the jury.

To submit PhD applications, one has to have constant information about PhD eligibility criteria, admission process, fee structure, merit, form requirements, and PhD examinations

Why Having a PhD Is Important?

A PhD is scrutinized as one of the most highly valued degree all around the world. When we talk on our career out-front, having a PhD can have a drastic impact on your resume. There are numerous colleges and universities, which provide such courses for students aspiring for higher education. There are various advantages of pursuing a PhD degree.

  1. A PhD degree holder can easily get employment in various sectors. The most common area of interest for such degree holder is to become a lecturer, professor, or researcher. People can work in a number of law firms, publishing houses, and many more. 
  2. After completing a PhD, one will have complete knowledge about the subject he/she specialized in. This can be an extremely important aspect of a person’s career.
  3. Until Master’s, a person may only have theoretical knowledge of the following research but when escaping further, one can have practical knowledge as well. 
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PhD Eligibility Criteria Required For Admissions

Students who want to go for higher education such as PhD needs to match certain eligibility criteria. Those criteria are listed below.

  1. Master’s degree is a must for students applying for a PhD. There are certain subjects, which require Master’s in Philosophy degree to continue. Various universities have allotted certain CGPA for students. Those who cross that mark can only apply for a Doctorate. 
  2. If the student wishes to complete his /her PhD, degree from any renowned college than NET examination is asked to be taken. The result of this exam will then decide whether the student is eligible for further admission process or not. 
  3. There are interview sessions, which are held to test the students’ mental qualification. If needed there may be a second written exam followed. 
  4. For PhD engineering, the student should have a valid GATE score. Also, he/she should have completed a Master’s in Technology or Engineering to apply for a Doctorate in engineering. 
  5. Various other examinations also take place, which a candidate can take to have proper eligibility to do PhD in India

Various PhD Entrance Exams for PhD Admissions

The PhD courses in India, introduce certain examinations as well. These exams may be necessary for the students to take to get admission in a reputed college.  

  1. Symbiosis PhD entrance examinations
  2. UGC NET exam
  3. IISC PhD exam
  4. AIIMS PhD entrance exam
  5. JNU examinations for PhD
  6. BARC PhD exams
  7. TIFR Test
  8. DBT JRF entrance exam

Students can check the universities site to have a constant update for their PhD course details and admissions. 

Application Process for PhD Course in India

For the candidate opting to apply for PhD, there are various universities in India, which give students an array of courses to work upon. For every university, the authorities have booked certain seats according to the reservation category. Also, depending on the marks being scored universities select their candidates, which can go further with the process.

  1. Indian applicants can get their PhD application process done via both online and offline methods. There are no restrictions provided by the authorities.
  2. When it comes to applying in a university, students need to download the form as well as the prospectus of the course they wish to apply for. This can be done by writing to the university or by downloading them from the universities respective site. 
  3. There are universities, which ask students to submit the downloaded form and other required documents before the deadline to the official address of the university. 
  4. PhD fees in India maybe 20,000 to 30,000 INR for a year. This is a tentative fee thus can be varied depending on the type of course and type of university you prefer. 
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Admission Process for PhD Applicants in India

As mentioned above, a PhD degree in India has become a major criterion for job selection. With increase career opportunities, higher education demand and PhD course fees, applicants need to be well aware of points when considering a PhD course. 

  1. The admission into various colleges or universities for PhD is available as both Full and part-time programs in fields such as engineering, management, arts, science, humanities, law, medicine, and IT. 
  2. The minimum PhD course duration in India is 2 years. Within these 2 years, there will be semester and practical exams held for your respective curriculum. 
  3. Master’s Degree is a must for a PhD. There are seats available for students, which have 55% or more marks in their Master’s. 

PhD Structure to Know

The PhD course in India, is tailored for those students who have already completed their undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The structure of PhD course is simple yet complicated. It has everything to do with theory and practical.

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Research work is needed to complete the thesis. If the research is approved then it can act as a turning point in the student’s career. This is a general structure which can little bit vary between PhD colleges in India, universities, and courses.

The flow structure includes pedagogy, theory, exam qualification, research work, and finally thesis preparation. In every aspect, student’s marks and performance is evaluated and noted to give a result. 


PhD is difficult no doubt, but is the most respected aspect. Students have to work harder and smarter when looking to get a PhD degree. Keeping various sectors in mind, candidate should always have knowledge about courses and admissions taking place all around India for PhD. 


  1. What GPA is required for PhD?

Minimum GPA should be 3.0 or 3.3

  1. What is the most difficult PhD to get?

Getting PhD in Physics is difficult

  1. Is there any degree higher than PhD?

PhD is the highest qualification

  1. What is the best PhD degree?

PhD in chemical engineering ranks best in terms of salary

  1. How long should be the thesis?

PhD thesis should not go beyond 80,000 words.

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